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Horse Racing Software, Horse Racing Systems

Horse Racing Systems & Horse Racing Software,

plus Greyhounds
That Promise To Help You Win

Some are brilliant!

But many are just promises, with a lot of spit-and-polish.
I know. I've tried just about all of them.

My name is Steve Davidson (that's me, in the picture on the right) and I have been winning more for years now. I began trying various betting systems shortly after I moved from New Zealand to Australia in 1978 to follow the horses.

I soon found out that there are many theories and ideas about what works. But few actually deliver. Or, they only work under very special circumstances.

At this point, I know which ones actually are winners-- that is, which ones really will help you win more! Now I want to share the winning systems I've found with others -- like you!

So I put this site together, offering betting systems that I have tried and know to be reliable, as well as those that are easy to follow and understand. Feel free to have a look. There's something for almost any kind of wagers, horse-racing, greyhound racing, sports betting.

One thing I do know: you need sound money management along with a good, consistent method of picking winners; a way to invest once and work from that capitol. Remember that saying?:

If you don't have a Plan, then you are planning to FAIL!

Winning More allows you to live the live you only dare dream about. To make a living doing what you love doing. No longer will your days be spent behind a desk in front of computer. Thanks to Winning More you will live your life at the track and not just the local one. We're talking about all the big races both here and overseas.

There is nothing more complicated for a punter than the Melbourne Cup. There are so many horses and with many of them coming from overseas the form is hard to read. Winning More will simplify Melbourne Cup betting for you that no longer will you get headaches thinking about it. It won't just be the first Tuesday in November where you clean up.

There are no short cuts here. It is about being methodical, organized and dedicated. You will never feel more alive than you will thanks to Winning More. It has the potential to be the single greatest decision of your life.

Winning More allows you to live the live you only dare dream about. To make a living doing what you love doing. No longer will your days be spent behind a desk in front of computer. Thanks to Winning More you will live your life at the track and not just the local one. We're talking about all the big races both here and overseas such as the Cheltenham Festival. Cheltenham Festival Betting Odds would be far easier to analyze with a successful system.

I am always interested in learning of new systems, too. If you know of any not listed here, feel free to contact me with the information and I will be happy to look into it. Or, perhaps you've developed a great system and would like help marketing it. Either way, I am always interested. (See "Sell Your System/Service" on the left for information on JV Partnerships.)

On the other hand, if you'd like to recommend this site to your friends, be sure to click on the tab marked "Affiliate Program."

Of course, if you really want to stay up-to-date with my latest discoveries the best way is to sign up to my mailing list, below. I usually send out any new info there first, until I have time to add it here.

In fact, as a thank you for signing up, I've included a few basics that no bettor should be without. Just sign up below, and you'll be all set.

If you are looking for a simple staking software then this could really suit you. Especially if you are a punter that likes level staking.


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If you have ever wondered how you can

play short prices and win well read on

Please wait for the Video to load.


I bet,like me you have bet all up on short price horses or football teams, only for it to end in tears...

Well, welcome "Compound Magic", compound has been described as the 8th wonder of the world.

Banks have used it for centuries to make squillions "charging you interest."


Look at the pic below.

You can start with small amounts and grow the bank.

Look what happens if you can get 5 even money horses or football teams up. And after the 3rd bet you are in front and playing with there money.

Yes but what happens if I fail on bet 3?

You break even.. if you make bet 3, you are up £20.00 with £40 to spend on the next Bet!!

As you can see, if you snare all 5 bets, then you are on odds of 14/1. So you can fail plenty of times and still make money.

And you dont have to have all the bets on one day, you can save the data and continue next day or week, it is up to you.

Great for Football, Horses, Tennis, AFL, NRL, NFL, you name it, games where the odds are around 2.00 (even).

Watch the video if you have not you will be amazed at how it works.


What are you buying?

The Software "Compound Magic", your PC.

And you get the instructions on how to use it.

No data fees.

The wizard says" Use it wisely, and the compound affect will richly reward you".

Patience is worth it's weight in GOLD.. rush your selections and you will pay the price of haste.

Slowly, slowly will grow the bank.

Remember in most cases after 3 bets, you are playing with OPM, (other people's money.)

Best Sports to use it on?

1.Place market in Horses

2. Football (soccer, AFL, NRL, America).

3. Tennis

4. Any sport with a two result outcome and odds around 2.00 or down to 1.50.



It is an exe file and WILL NOT work on Apple PRODUCTS

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Great Approach to Betting

Dogs, horses and Sports

Horse Racing Software, Horse Racing Systems

It allows you to bet of up to 3 horses, dogs or players in the one event. It is not dutching!

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World wide Racing Punters..

International Trifecta Betting

My very first day, I snared a 1000/1


Years of research has gone into this ebook.

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Suits punters from around the world, tap into rich pools!

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Is This The Holy Grail?

Horse Racing Software, Horse Racing Systems

Some are saying it is...

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Golden Key 2

Will Unlock the Bookie Purses

Horse Racing Software, Horse Racing Systems

Look at these Results...

Horse Racing Software, Horse Racing Systems

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and watch the video


Powerful Money Manager Betting Software


Video runs for 26 minutes, however you can see in 5 minutes how it works,

the rest of the video shows the working through the 8 race card.

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Here is what you get:

18 Great Horse Racing Systems

Yours FREE!

Horse Racing Software, Horse Racing Systems


Horse Racing Software, Horse Racing Systems

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Roulette Software

This software allows you to record the spins of the roulette wheel, and the tell you which Dozen to bet on.

And it has a staking plan built in.


Watch the video to see how it works.

Video runs for 3 minutes.


This below image explains the software interface.


OK, so if you would like this absolutely FREE, a gift from Steve and Kev of


Pop your name and email address into the Box below and you will recieve this software FREE.

Thanks guys, I grab your Software Gift.



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