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As you must have known that in today’s world, we can make money on horses by having them to lose…..yes thanks to Betfair, the world largest Betting exchange.

But is it really easy to make money by laying horses? You know the answer – it’s not at all easy.

Simply-Lays.com is latest brainchild from Michael’s. It is one of the simplest systems which we have seen in recent years.

Simply Lays delivered more than 22 profit points every month on level stakes with amazing strike rate of around 80%.

Simply Lays is way, way different from your conventional betting systems which you have been seeing in market for quite some time.

We don’t do form of any kinds, don’t look at stats, don’t look at going, don’t look at weight of money etc etc.

It is based on the concept using which can’t make you lose money long term for sure….as our logic is based on that concept only. And it has been proved also as Simply lays delivered  around 65 profit points ( excluding ) in 3 months time.

What do you need for Simply Lays :-

  • Access to Betfair
  • Access to a website which provides some free info which we need for our strategy.

Simply Lays is a system which requires you to bet just before the official start of the race.

So more races you can monitor, more profit for you. Even if you are stuck in office hours, you can try it out in evenings or during the weekends.

Also 9 to 5 ers can you use any automated bot if they don’t want to monitor races. You can customized your bot as per rules provided in the manual.

So, to recap what are you get today if you decide to buy :-

  • Simply Lays manual
  • One Tutorial video showing live bets.

You will all get in one encrypted software which will work only one pc once we will send you the key post purchase. This is to save our hardwork from digital pirates.




The above is profit, includes 5% commission being taken out.

So you can see our profit on the win lays is 221% increase on the original £1,000 starting bank.

And the place lays is 35.90% increase on the starting £1000.00 bank.

This graph below is on Win Lays only and level staking.

On the above chart, you can see that the profit is constant, however the last 3 weeks we have been in a sideways pattern, however

this will change, and we can see continued profit growth.





This system is very easy to use, yes you need to follow the races, but you can do it when you have a spare hour, or afternoon.

Evenings is also very profitable.

It is in our secure exe file format, and is locked to the PC it is downloaded onto.

Sorry you can not print it out, however the rules are that simple they could be write on the back of a postage stamp.

Sorry it will not run on Apple products, as it is an exe file.



100 95 Copies at


£69.99 with Bonus.


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If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?



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