All results are Betfair SP and Level Staking.


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If you are not sure what points are, then here is a quick explanation.

If you bet £10.00 a selection, then 1 point = £10 profit. So in the above headline, your £10 per bet would have made £1,898.20 profit (yes that is after Betfair's commission). If you were betting win only on the selections.

And another £627.50 if you were also betting the place also.

That is a grand total of £2,525.70 altogether.

OK, so that is profit (hard folding, for a holiday or such like.)

Another very important figure is the Return on Investment or (ROI), for the Win bet, it is 91.26% and on Place Bet 30.17% that is amazing returns.

What does the ROI mean?

This is the return on the money you bet, so at 91.26%, that is for every pound or euro we bet we get 91.26 pence or cents PROFIT.

So if we bet £10.00 per selection, the we get on average £9.12 profit, try getting that anywhere else!

Zen believes his method will out perform most that are out there.




UK Racing is the most liquid and media covered racing in the world.

It never ceases to amaze me where people live that follow the racing in the UK. Peru, Japan, Australia,Germany, Canada, USA, Thailand, Phillipines, China, Russia, Nigera, South Africa, and New Zealand to mention only a few.

Why is it so?

Because the access to bet on them and the information available on these horses is unsurpassed by any other country.

And especially the quality of the information, and it is this availability that Zen taps into.

All the information you need is FREE.

The Way of Zen, is a method/system that usings many years of Zen's knowledge to find the selections that deserve your hard earned to be invested on.

Not every race is looked at, not by a long shot, there are some really poor races, and these are discarded, big fields are out. Very small fields are out. (How many times have you seen the outsider win these silly races?).

The ducks must be in a row before a horse makes Zen's list to bet on. You don't get close to a 40% strike rate on the win at average price of 5.89, by betting on poor races or horses.

And a place strike rate of 64% @ an average of 2.15

What You Need

    A basic knowledge of computing the knowledge to cut and paste etc.

  Ms Excel or Open Office this makes it easier to keep records and for making a workable and quicker to read ratings sheet.

  Google Chrome this works  better when cutting and pasting if you have not
got it is easy enough to download just go to

  A reasonable sized monitor or monitors the bigger the size less clicking you have to do and all the information is easy to see.

  Either a PC calculator or a battery operated one to perform simple division.

  A reliable internet connection as you will need to access the following sites:


  Now a subscription to Racing Post Essential would be useful currently membership is 14.50 per month or 12.08 per month if you pay annually. But you can still manage to work the method without this.

About an hour of free time maybe less depending on the amount races and the field size of the chosen races. (There is away round that if you are time poor.) Read as maybe LAZY!


OK, below are some figures that are very real and bankable.

All prices are Betfair SP, less 5%, and all staking is level, not staking plans.



You can see in the graphic above, that the average winning bets are at £5.89 weekdays, and £5.83 on the weekend.

And only a pence difference in the price prices, at £2.15 and £2.14

Once again the return on your money if really good, at £91.26 profit on every a £100 bet for the win, and £30.17 profit on every £100 wagered on the place market.

We don't have lots of bets, as you can see where were 208 selections, from 21st January, 2013 to 30th June 2013.

This strategy can be used everyday, however if you are time poor, you can do weekends only or when time permits.

If you would like to download the results all 208 then you can here, they are in excel 97-2003 format. Click Here ( A new window will open.)


These results are all real, and Zen emailed me the selections before the races were run.


If you are only a weekend warrior, and bet Saturday and Sunday, then the good news is you can still use "The Way of Zen".

The results for weekend only betting is below.







What You Get.

  • The System/Method in an exe file (you need a windows based computer to read it). This file has all you need in it.
  • Plus, you will have access to two Tutorial video's that will get you up and running in no time.
  • A sample excel sheet with a sample and also blank sheets ready to start rating the horses.
  • Plus you get a PDF cheat sheet to print out, to help you get your sea legs (learn).





So if you want selections, that had a high strike rate, then this is it,

remember this is a backing system that you can bet on Bookies or Betfair.

Then jump on this great offer and start today.




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