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The One is

From 10th October 2011 to 11th January 2013, Level Staking Up 361 points.

Zen's Staking Plan Up 1093 points!!


First off, thanks for paying us a visit, and secondly, Zen is not the creator's real name.

Why use a dumb name like Zen?

The creator of the HHH system, has seen literally 1000's of systems over his life time ( a bit like myself), so he regards himself as a master on what works and what does not.

Over the past few years he has been testing and tweaking until he is now satisfied that he has it right.

Not everyone is looking for the same amount of action in a days racing. And with this in mind Zen :-) has made two different Variants.

The One

As they say a picture tells a thousand words.

This is 16 months betting. Level stakes 913 points



What this is telling us is that THE ONE, made 2,494 points profit on Zen's Staking Plan, we back each selection for equal Win and Place. And on betting £1.00 a win and £1.00 a place, we made £913.50profit! A £100 bank is now 8 times more, in the 16 months.

And yes we used the bookies on these figures, you can bet Betfair if you chose.

Now, yes that is pretty exciting, nice return, however if you take Zen's simple staking plan (and no it is not progressive or loss chasing), it is to do with odds and amount staked.

The One Zen's Staking Plan Total from a £300.00 bank was... an massive £2,494.00

The average winner for the ONE is £15.57 and we get a winner on average of 11.75%!!, and the average place price is £5.27 and we run a place on average of 35.59%!!

What does ROI mean Steve?

It simple means for every pound we bet, we get .75p (75.21% ROI) profit. So if we bet £1000 worth of bets over say a week, on variant 1 level staking we made £752.10 profit on that £1000. At the end of the day it is ROI (Return On Investment) that is most important.

See if you made £752.10 profit in a month of betting, but bet £10,000 to get that profit, that is an ROI of only 5.9%, so you can see your £10,000 worked hard to make that 5.9% ROI.

Now in the case of our Triple H The One method, we bet (risked) £1,000 that is a tenth only of £10,000. However our profit was virtually the same. Our ROI was 75.21%, our profit £752.10.

So on that scenerio Triple H "The One" would have made £752.10 profit if we risked the £10,000 on it selections.


We get to bet most days, but there are days with no bets.


On Zen's Staking plan you are given different stakes to bet different odds. It is not increasing after a loss or win. So don't let that stop you adopting this staking. Also Zen's Staking Plan is with £300.00 Bank, and the same amount staked plan has the £100.00 bank.

What size bettor are you?

Same Amount for every bet.

£500 £5.00 each way (£10.00 per horse) £2,740.00
£2000 £20.00 eachway (£40.00 per horse) £10,960.00
£5000 £50.00 eachway (£100.00 per horse) £27,400.00

These summaries are to the end of October 2011




Here is what the system averages over the past 12 months.


How you bet "Triple H Horseracing" selections is up to you, however both staking terms we show you in the book will give you a great return.

How Do You Get the Selections?

Ok, you will need to access both Betfair website and Bestbetting website, around and hour before racing starts, or slightly earlier if there are a lot of races.

Do you have to look at every race?

No you don't there are many races we don't consider and a line is drawn through these straight away.

So then we are left with a few races on most racedays that we look into in more detail, nothing too hard. First off it may take you a little while, but you will soon speed up. Just like anything new it takes a while to master it.

All the information we need is free. And easy to get.

And for the first few weeks after the release, we will supply you the selections on a members site page and email. This way you can check that you are doing it right.


How are they bet?

Once you have your selections, you immediately back them with the Bookies (preferred) or Betfair, that is entirely up to you.

Now they are bet for a Win and Place with equal amounts. If you are using the Level Stakes, the bets will be the same all the time. Whether it is £1.00 a win, £1.00 place. Or £10.00 a win, £10.00 place, on level stakes you bet the same.

If you are using Zen's Staking Plan, then the odds will determine the amount you bet per selections. So selections will have more bet on them than others, but it will always be the same on the Win and the Place.

And that is it for the day, your betting is finished, go and enjoy the day, check the results when you like.

Early Reports

Another Nice One.


What Are I Getting in the Deal, Steve?

  • The EBOOK encripted Manual on how to use the "Triple H Horseracing" System
  • 13 months of Results.
  • Support email to help you.
  • NOW, that is really looking after you, isn't it?




Please Note this is NOT a PDF

It is an encripted exe program with 1 pc licence only.

You can not print it out, this is to stop digital pirates that devalue your investment.

100 18 Copies at



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