STOP struggling to breakeven with your sport bets!

Use Profit Multiplier to finally bet PROFITABLY!


If you bet on Sports or Horses

then Profit Multiplier is a

MUST in you Betting Armoury.


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What Profit Multiplier Will do?

-        If you’re betting just under the profit zone, it can make you go profitable

-        If you’re already profitable it will increase your profits significantly


Frequency Asked Questions that are Answered.

Q: Do you provide with sport selections?
A: No, Profit Multiplier is a mechanism, not tipster service

Q: Does your system include progressions?
A: Yes there is progressive component. It is highly controllable and low risk.

Q: There is a risk?
A: YES there is a risk! Were not selling some risk free miracle system. If you believe that you can gamble without risk, get out of here!

Q: Will I get rich fast?
A: No you will not. This will significantly (up to 10 times) increase your profitability. This is not a scam, and we don’t give false promises.

Q: Ok, what do I need for this system?
A: You need at least 50% hit rate, and At least 95% ROI. Yes you can use it even you are not profitable, but you will get better results if you have profitable bets.

Q: How do I get such hit rate and ROI?
A: With your picks, or paid service, it doesn’t matter but, I recommend premium service.

Q: On which sports can I apply this system?
A: The sport is not important as long as hit rate and odd is in recommended limits. Football (both European and American), basketball, tennis, baseball etc. It’s pretty much universal.

Q: How much does it increase my profitability?
A: It depends on your tactics and a hit rate, usually from 50% to 1000%.

Q: What tactics?
A: Our strategy consists of many tactics and you have to choose one of them, or develop your own.

If you are betting in These Sports,

then Profit Multiplier will be of Benefit to you!

Any Betting that you do in the 1.50 to 2.50 odds range, then this will be of great benefit.


What is Covered in the eBook?

The eBook along with the Excel spreadsheet, will let you develop a staking method, that suits either your selections or your tipping service selections.

You can run through the Excel Cockpit different win/loss patterns, and discover what approaching in backing the selections you should take.

The way you view your betting activity will be changed for the better.

You will see that level staking is not the best way to grow your bank. And how a 95% ROI can be turned into a Profitable return.

The way you stake the selections, is as important as the selections themselves.

You will not make a poor tipping service a profitable one, however it will make a line ball (break even) into a good returning one.

The Cockpit (what is it)?

The Cockpit is an Excel Spreadsheet that allows you to test out your betting patterns to see which

of the 10 tactics are best suited to use.

It shows, graphs, bet results and more.

You can use real odds, or you can use average scenerio odds. Without this analysis you are really

flying blind. We are giving you the tools to enable you to taylor make a staking plan for you.

Will this Profit Multiplier Suit Everyone?

Definiately Not.

If you are betting horses or dogs at bigger odds, then this will not suit you.

If you are betting multi bets, and forecast, tricast, exotic bets, then no.

However if you are Betting with odds of between, 1.50 and 2.50, then this will definiately be of help.

You will need to put in some work, however the pay off can be very good.


 STOP struggling and start PROFITING!

From -5% loss to over +50% profits!

Turn your weak bets into highly profitable investment!


What do you need to use Profit Multiplier?

  1. Microsoft Excel (it is in Microsoft Office, most computers have it on.)
  2. Windows based computer
  3. Results of your betting activity, our you can start recording them now.
  4. To have a will to follow instructions, and the desire to make a effort.
  5. You need to put in some work if you want to make betting pay you!




It is an exe file and WILL NOT work on Apple PRODUCTS


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you can use Moneybookers

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