Bet Football (soccer) all year round,

and make very good money.

10 to 15 minutes a day.

Two free websites is all you need.

O Yes and the emanual and some bookie accounts.

Betting favourites.. It is as Easy as 1,2,3

First 7 weeks after release:

Progressive Plan Profit £357.00 in first 7 weeks of release

Level £10 bets first 7 weeks of release £221.20 PROFIT (22 points)

The bet on the 25th Feb was as below.

Please note not everyone will get the same bets, however with practice,

you should most times get the bets we do.

Nice 19.20 profit, a fraction under the 2/1 we are looking for.

Find the teams to bet (research) 10 to 12 minutes MAX
Place the bets 3 minutes MAX
Spend the winnings. A Life Time





Thanks for dropping by and taking valuable time out of your day, I do really appreciate it.

Those who know me, will know I am no one for hype and all the sales crap that you see on so many sites these days, after all you can not bank hype, the only real facts that should be of concern is can I make money or not follow a \system.


That is what it is all about at the end of the day, can I (you) get the same results following the method.

Yes, you can.

You need two free websites to get the exact same data that the results below achieved.

You can do it with Betfair, these figures below are with UK bookies, but the principle can be used with any bookies.

Can be used worldwide, so 365 days a year you can use this method.

To 31st March 2014 from Jan 13 we had 380 bets, with 178 winners, at a 47% strike rate.


You can start as big or as small as you are comfortable with. The below results are on £10 bets, to start with and using a £1,000.00 bank.

Plan A has produced 205.0 points to Level Stakes (£10 level stakes £2,056.00) (as at 16th Feb, 2014)

Plan B has produced £3,081 to Set Progressive stakes (starting at £10 each time)

Plan C has produced £30,800, to Increasing Progressive stakes starting from just £10 originally (Plan C is definitely my favourite and the most profitable).

As you can see in 15 months, Plan C has turned a £1,000 bank (starting with £10 Bets) into a £30,800 profit!

The System.

Obviously, we are betting to win (back betting) on football (soccer) games around the world, and we are betting favourites, and it is betting 2 or 3 games in a bet. So nothing complicated, and we have a very good strike (47%), and with the staking plan, excellent returns.

We give you the formula and the two websites you need to replicate the results.

Now you don't have to bet every day if you don't want to it is entirely up to you.

As if you want to put in a little extra work you may get more bets, but hey, this system it about fun and profit.


Results are to 31st March, 2014

Plan C as at 31st March 2014,in 15 months has made £30,800.00 PROFIT

On a £1,000 start Bank.


It is not an inplay strategy, usually you place the bet the well before game, so no matter where you are you can use this method.

What percentage of the bank is in use at anyone time?

1% or less, as we are only having the one bet a day in most cases.







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