How to Find Just two matches of Football a Day.

And ‘Pocket some Serious Spending Money’

With very little Effort and NO SKILL Required

Practically At Will


Learn how "5 to 10 Minutes A Day",

You can PROFIT.

You Need No Prior Football Knowledge.


See How a £200 Bank Grows To over £31,000 in 8 Months!


We will show you how by visiting ONE WEBSITE (FREE ACCESS),

you will get the same games as we have and do!

Only ONE BET A DAY (it is a Double).

Latest Results.

We released this in 2016.

And now we have revisited the method to see how the results are standing up.

With Oct-2019 on both plans, on a 1,000 bank, more than doubling, I would say it is doing well.


OK, back to the original story...


Then make the bet, with either bookies (our results shown below are bookies), OR Betfair.

See how a £200 bank grows to over £31,000 in 8 Months!!



Thanks for dropping by to view this NEW avenue to making money on the Football (Soccer).

Now, first off, if you are a newbie to football, that is OK, as you only need to follow the very simply instructions we supply you.

You can bet them on the bookies (and there are 100s you can use), or the betting exchanges (Betfair does them).

What market are we betting?

We are betting in BTTS (Both teams to Score), which simply means that both teams must score in the game, who wins makes no difference at all.

If both teams score, then the bet is successful, so we have a 50/50 chance of that bet winning.

Yes, the odds are low, however we add the value by betting a double (two separate matches), this helps the price.

In fact we don't accept odds under 3.00 (2/1), so this makes the strategy work for us.

And we only have 1 bet a day, so very little work to do, 5 minutes, 10 minutes maximum.

That includes, finding the selections (one website and the selections stick out like dogs b-lls), mostly that takes a minute. The web site is free access.

Then you simply go to Odds Checker site see which bookies is offering the best prices (must be better than 3.00) and then place the bet.

We are currently at a 44% strike rate on the doubles, and they are paying over 3.00 to 6.13 (yes it won)!

Below we show you the Staking Plan results, plus level staking!!

You will see how a £500 bank returns over £10,000 in 8 months!

Or Turbo Charge a £200 bank to over £31,000 in the same 8 months (harder to get the bets placed), but you will see the power!

What is the longest RUN of OUTS?

5 losing games: Once

4 losing games: four times.

What is the WINNING RUNS?

4 Winning Games: Twice

3 Winning Games: Five Times

You will get access to the results in the manual after purchase.

Getting the Selections is it that EASY?

One Word " YES "

Will I get the same selection as US?

One Word " YES "

As we said it is one FREE website and the selections as the best rated, is there is a NUMBER next to the game so you KNOW, that is one of the matches to bet, find the next highest rated, and that is IT!

You, now have the two matches for your double bet, simple as that...

Where To Bet Them?

All our results are with bookies, and as we said above there are hundreds of bookies, so if you have been blocked by the big boys there are others.

No doubt you can do them on the High St bookies also, remember it is only one bet.

Plus you can bet them on Betfair also, or other betting exchanges.

What games are Betting?

All around the world, so we can bet all year round.

Some of the games have been,

Genoa - Sampdoria
Betis - Sevilla
Wigan - Gillingham
AC Ajaccio - Le Havre
Sevilla - Ath Bilbao
Tottenham - Leicester
Metz - Sochaux
Sevilla - Betis
Mersin - Bucaspor
Tuzlaspor - Antalyaspor
Genk - Waregem
Cambuur - Vitesse
Lorient - Monaco
Sparta Rotterdam - Waalwijk
Colchester - Fleetwood Town
Leicester - Tottenham
Boca Juniors - Racing Club
Brisbane Roar - Adelaide United
Hoffenheim - Bayer Leverkusen
Everton - Swansea
Melbourne City - Wellington Phoenix

So you can see truly a wide mix.


Remember, you can bet when it suits you, no need to bet every day if that does not suit you!


Getting the selections is only the first part of the strategy,

How to invest in the selections makes a world of difference!


Plan A Staking;

This is the main staking plan and the one I'd recommend to use as it's quite low risk with a modest strike rate and builds up your profit and your bank quickly. (Fully explained in the manual.)

The figures you see below are from May 18th, 2015 to 25th January, 2016.

And the original Starting Stake was £10.00, Bank of £200 would have been enough (however as you are betting only one bet a day, you can start with less, but beware you may need to add to it.)

It covers 253 Bets, we are betting one bet a day, it is a Double (two separate matches).

Showing a strike rate of 44.67%, 113 wins and 140 losses.

Return on Investment is 76.87%

253 Bets, returned us a Profit of £32,116.42

The Outlay was £41,801.00


The above graph showing the return for each month, as the year progressed the stakes increase, as the bank does. The bets do get large, and you would be well advised to withdraw and enjoy and restart.

This graph above shows the accumulation of Profit over the 8 months.


Level Staking with £2.00 as the stake for every bet, no increase.


You can see above this is the monthly return for the same 253 bets, we made a £292.82 profit.

Outlay was £506.00 for a return of £292.82 giving a return of investment at just over 57%. So you can see that the 76% in Plan A staking is much better.


This is similar to the main plan, with the exception that you don't increase stakes by £2 after a winning bet.  So below is an example using the same table as above except the starting stake is £40.

Now I know that not everyone will be able to start with £40 stakes.  The beauty of these staking plans though is that you can start with PLAN A - the main plan - and build up your stakes quickly and keep building them up, or once you've reached a certain level you could then cap your stakes and use PLAN B.

Above is the month by month profit for Plan B which is on a £40.00 bet, and a recovery plan.

Above you can see the bank growth and you can run this on £500.00 start bank, highest bet was £90.00

Please keep in mind we are only having the one Bet per day, and it is a double bet (two separate matches).

On Plan B we invested, £14,080.00 to make a profit of £10,778.00

Return on Investment was 76.48%

The games we bet on in Plan B is exactly the same as Plan A, all we are showing here is that there are different ways to bet the same selections.




Hey Steve, what am I actually getting?

1. A Manual that gives you the method, and the staking plans you can use.

2. The full results of every bet we have had to product the results you see above in excel format.

3. Once you know the formula (very Easy), then you can use the system any day you like, or everyday almost.

4. Access to the creator to ask questions, if you need, but trust us, it is very easy to understand and ACTION!

What you need to bring to the table.

1. Internet connect, (to access the manual and to get the selections and place the bets.)

2. Bookie accounts and or Betfair, to place the bets. You can use High st bookies if you like.

3. 5 to 10 minutes on the days you want to bet, to action the strategy.

4. Something to spend the winnings on.

Author's Accolades to date.

Dennis has brought to the market.

*Soccer Goals Syndrome

*Global Soccer Goals

*Three Key Football

*Golden Soccer Star, plus many more.








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If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


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